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PERESVIT – More Than Just a Fighting

Welcome to Peresvit, the brand born from the heat of battle. Hailing from Ukraine, we're not just another sportswear company. We're creators of top-notch MMA, boxing, and BJJ gear that's designed on the training grounds, not in stuffy offices. We've rallied a team of the best designers, tech gurus, athletes, and innovators to create premium products with a personal touch. Every item we craft carries a piece of our spirit and passion.

Our approach is straightforward but effective. We believe in the power of innovative materials, the importance of an ergonomic fit, and the necessity of meticulous detail. This is the solid groundwork we build on, ensuring every piece we create is nothing less than exceptional. This isn't just a statement—it's the bedrock upon which we stand, ensuring that every piece we create meets the highest standards.

Our products go beyond just the aesthetic appeal. Each Peresvit clothing piece and gear is put to the test by professional athletes. We make adjustments and refinements until we're confident it's up to scratch.  When you choose Peresvit, you're choosing top-tier gear that's built to withstand even the toughest of workouts.

Drawing inspiration from the unyielding strength and spirit of a warrior, our products are a testament to resilience and triumph. We understand that everyone has their own battles to fight and summits to conquer, and it's in overcoming these personal challenges that true strength is revealed. In the world of Peresvit, it's the ones who push through, who persist, who are the true leaders. Each product we create carries this spirit, designed to bolster your journey to victory.

Our mission is clear and bold: we're here to unleash the inner champion in every individual through the power of martial arts. 

Conquer with Peresvit!

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